Sunday, 4 January 2015

Australian Open - Day 3

Yesterday in round 4 I was paired against a former club mate, Sarwat Rewais, who is now the President of St George Chess Club, where I used to play when I lived in Sydney.
I decided to play my 'pet' opening, the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit & achieved the type of attacking position typical of the opening, however just when the position reached a critical point, I went for the wrong attacking plan & went astray rather quickly. The important point in the position is to keep pressure on black's king & not allow it to get out of the centre easily. With that in mind, my plan of playing 12. h4, 13. h5 & 14. Bxf6 was misguided. My engine prefers the sacrifice 12. Bxe6, with the aim of keeping the black king in the centre, with my engine preferring black after castling queenside & simply returning the material. The alternative plan was to play 12. Nce4, which I played later in the game anyway, however with the dark squared bishop off the board & a white pawn on h5, many of the attacking options were removed.

Today I play black against Marcus Porter in the morning round. Hopefully I can start to play a bit better & get my tournament back on track. I suppose a consolation is that I have been playing horribly & am still on 1.5/4 ... suppose the only way is up from here!

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