Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Australian Junior - Day 5

Day 5 of the Australian Juniors saw the beginning of a number of events - the U18/U16 girls, the under 14 open, the U14/U12 girls & the under 12 open - as well as a continuation of the under 18 open & under 16 open events.
Of course the new events didn't always go according to seedings, with a number of higher rated players falling victim to their lower rated opponents.
The day also saw the first significant rain while the Australian Juniors has been on & you can definitely tell that its raining by the noise of the water on the roof in the second hall where I was stationed for most of the day, looking after the under 12 open & the under 16 & 18 girls. Although the other room seemed quieter during the storm, it also had issues with a speaker making some unintentional noise, although this was only for a few minutes.
You can of course keep up with the results on the Results Page of the tournament website.

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