Monday, 28 January 2013

Tata Steel Highlights

The annual super-GM event in Wijk aan Zee, now known as the Tata Steel Chess Tournament (after previous incarnations as Corus & Hoogovens, named after the major sponsors) has just finished in the Netherlands, with world number 1 Magnus Carlsen putting in another amazing performance to win the tournament by 1.5 points. However for me, there were two highlights - Vishy Anand's round 4 win over Levin Aronian, as well as Ivan Sokolov's round 2 post-game interview after his draw with Hikaru Nakamura. Below I have included both the highlights of Anand's post-game comments at the venue, as well as Daniel King's 'Play of the Day' analysis of the game with Aronian. The Sokolov interview at the bottom of the page is brief, but definitely something that many of us have felt after being unable to convert an overwhelming position

Anand going over his game with Aronian at the venue
IM Danny King's 'Play of the Day' analysis of the Aronian-Anand game
Post-match comments from GM Ivan Sokolov after his draw with Nakamura in round 2.

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