Friday, 1 February 2013

Box Hill Autumn Open - Round 1

I decided to make something of a last minute decision to play in the Box Hill Autumn Cup, which is a 7 round event played on Friday nights at Box Hill Chess Club. I'm the fifth seed in the tournament, which has just over 60 players & in round 1 I played May-Yi Foo, who is rated ACF 1156 & FIDE 1587. I resisted the temptation to play normal chess (although I may need to try this 'sound opening' strategy later in the tournament) & wheeled out my favourite Blackmar-Diemer Gambit! When May-Yi was not kind enough to take the e-pawn on move 2 & 'chickened out' with 2...e6, I switched to the Alapin French, where she felt compelled to take the e-pawn! She played a defense with an early b6 & Bb7, which I rarely encounter, so probably played the opening somewhat inaccurately (from my brief scan of vaguely relevant games, it seems as though the main plan is to just play it like a BDG Euwe with a tempo down), but I still got a reasonable position with vague attacking chances. When May-Yi exchanged dark squared bishops, she obviously underestimated the attacking potential of the position & I found a nice knight sacrifice to finish the game off.

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