Monday, 18 February 2013

Melbourne Chess Club Championships Round 3

Round 3 of the Club Championships saw the eagerly awaited clash between FM Dusan Stojic & IM Guy West in a rematch of last year's playoff match.The game itself didn't disappoint, going right down to the wire & being the last one to finish for the night. Ultimately Guy West managed to win the game, keeping his perfect score & retaining his share of the lead. Ari Dale was the only other player to keep a perfect score intact after beating Chris Wallis & this sets up a West-Dale clash in round 4 for the tournament lead! This week most games went according to rating, although with a few closely matched games, none of the results really stood out as major upsets.
The biggest issue this week was dealing with the heat issues at the club. With a day in the mid to high 30s & MCC not really known for its building insulation or air-conditioning, it meant that the players struggled to cope with the heat, with only fans to cool the building & tournament room. Hopefully this will be the last really hot Monday for the next few months so that the players can return to keeping their focus on quality chess, rather than worrying about dealing with the heat as well as their opponents.
Full results for round 3 are available on ChessChat.
Pairings will be posted on ChessChat on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Below is the board 2 clash between Ari Dale & Chris Wallis.

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