Monday 11 February 2013

Melbourne Chess Club Championships Round 2

Round 2 of the Melbourne Chess Club Championship saw a sense of normality return to most boards, however there were still a few upset results in the round. The big upset of the night was Justin Penrose's win against IM Mirko Rujevic, where Mirko gave up his queen for two pieces in the early middlegame, but Justin was able to consolidate & eventually return some material to find himself an exchange ahead in an ending. After winning a few pawns, he then returned the exchange for Mirko's last pawn, leaving opposite coloured bishops, but Justin had three pawns to Mirko's none! Although Mirko played on for a little while, the pawns finally proved decisive for a nice win for Justin. Stephen Jago was the other upset winner, beating Jack Puccini after Jack misplayed the queen & rook ending. Paul Kovacevic continued his good form, holding Malcolm Pyke to a draw, while John Beckman held Jim Papadinis to a draw in a battle of the MCC regulars.

Full results for round 2 are available on ChessChat.
Pairings will be posted on ChessChat on Wednesday evening.

Below is the board 3 clash between Justin Penrose & Mirko Rujevic.

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