Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Melbourne Chess Club Championships Round 4

Round 4 of the Melbourne Chess Club Championships once again saw a highly anticipated clash on board 1, with former Victorian & club champion IM Guy West facing the fast-improving Ari Dale, fresh off a successful European chess trip. Ari employed the Alekhine's Defense, but Guy used his experience to keep control of the position, maintaining a slight edge until Ari lashed out to try to generate some play in the position. Unfortunately for Ari, this attempt to generate play worked in Guy's favour & he found a nice temporary queen sacrifice to win a piece & soon afterwards the game. Other top boards also saw plenty of action, with Michaille-Dragicevic being a wild King's Gambit on board 2, which ended with a perpetual check. Board 3 saw the biggest upset of the night, with Phillip Drew beating Sylvester Urban after Sylvester grabbed a pawn, which allowed Phillip to launch a mating attack. David Hacche held Justin Tan to a draw, while Thai Ly looked to have an edge against Mirko Rujevic, but could not break his defenses & also agreed a draw. On other boards, most games went according to rating, although Jason Chew managed to beat Jim Papadinis.

As usual, full results from round 4 are on ChessChat.
Pairings will be posted on ChessChat on Thursday.

Below is the board 3 game between Sylvester Urban & Phillip Drew.

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