Friday, 4 January 2013

Australian Open Day 2 & 3

Rounds 2 & 3 of the Australian Open have continued to sort out the players at the top end of the field, with only 10 players now remaining on 3/3, with a number of players conceding draws to lower rated players. The very top players are still motoring along however, with GMs Igor Kenkin & Zong-Yuan Zhao leading this group on 3/3.
As usual, full results for the Open are available on Chess Results.
Also keep an eye on the official tournament website for more results & information.

I'm also attempting to put short summary videos of each days play, however they tend to be a day or two behind the rounds being played, so only round 1 is online at present & it can be seen below.
Finally a few photos from the top boards
 GM Igor Khenkin was pushed by Ganesh Viswanath in round 2, but eventually managed to win.
David Webster held GM Darryl Johansen to a draw in their round 2 clash.

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