Monday, 7 January 2013

Australian Open Day 6

Round 6 of the Australian Open saw two leaders emerge from the pack of five that were leading overnight. GM Igor Khenkin once again proved too strong for his opposition, this time winning against IM Andrew Brown, while FM Junta Ikeda continued his excellent start to the tournament with a nice win over IM George Xie to join Khenkin in the lead on 5.5/6. FM Bobby Cheng & GM Zong-Yuan Zhao drew their clash to move to 5/6 & they were joined by IM Max Illingworth & WGM Irene Sukandar, who both won their games.
I've also managed to get through a few round review videos, so they are now available online & will hopefully be much closer to the time the games are played than they have been thus far.
Round 3 in review
Round 4 in review
Round 5 in review, featuring an interview with GM Ian Rogers

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