Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 Australian Open Player Profiles

Today I spent the afternoon at norths with the other arbiters & the organising team for the 2013 Australian Open getting the venue set up for the tournament that begins tomorrow. The playing hall is now set up, with 4 DGT boards ready to show games live online. With 3 GMs, 6 IMs & over 100 players in the Open event, it promises to be an event well worth watching! I'll see how I go with my time with my arbiting duties, but I'm hoping to be able to continue with the video reports, albeit a little shorter in length than the Player Profile video at the end of this post.

 My fellow arbiters Alana Chibnall & Charles Zworestine 'at work' this afternoon ...
 DGT boards all set up & ready for action tomorrow!
The tournament hall ... all we need now is the 150+ players to arrive!
Please note that the video is correct in terms of player ratings - somehow my ability to read momentarily disappeared & I knocked a few points off Bobby Cheng's rating, while also turning Junta Ikeda into a GM with a 2500 FIDE rating ... hopefully the brain-mouth connection will return to normality for future videos!

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