Sunday, 6 January 2013

Australian Open Day 5

Round 5 of the Australian Open saw GM Igor Khenkin beat IM Max Illingworth on board 1 to overtake Max & regain a share of the lead in the event. GM Zong-Yuan Zhao was a little lucky against New Zealander Luke Li, who missed a few opportunities against the Australian number 1. IM Andrew Brown demolished fellow FIGJAMmer IM Moulthun Ly in a game Moulthun would prefer to forget, while FMs Junta Ikeda & Bobby Cheng also won to join the other leaders on 4.5/5. This should definitely make for some exciting games in round 6 as the leaders look to stay at the head of the field.
Today saw a number of firsts, with GM Ian Rogers beginning his live commentary to a room full of eager players & spectators, as well as the first day of the bookstore from Australian Chess Enterprises.
Another first saw possibly largest size differential in the event, with Kevin Willathgamuwa playing Ben Encel, with Kevin overcoming his larger (and higher rated) opponent to take the full point.
 Brian, Margaret & Lee Jones at the bookstall
GM Ian Rogers commentating on games to a room full of keen spectators
The video of the day is highlights from the Opening Ceremony. I hope to be able to put together a few round review videos after play today, so in future these should not be so far behind the round being played. 

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