Monday, 3 October 2011

Ryde Eastwood Open Day 3

I managed to finish with 5/7 after a loss and a win today. The first game was a Modern Defense, where I was slightly worse for the majority of the game, until finally my opponent made a winning pawn break & my position crumbled rather rapidly. In the final round I managed a win on the white side of a Modern Benoni-type of position, which came about from a Trompowsky Attack.
Overall it was a tough tournament for me - 4 opponents over 2000 - so it was good to only lose 2 of these games. My score also managed to win a prize (if you can call it that) ... =7th for $15! Of course my life run-bad continued with there being no under 2000 prize, so I had to settle for a 7-way tie for $120 ... I tried not to spend it all at once, but I got dinner on the way home & I didn't get much change from $15.
I'm hoing to get the games from the tournament up in a video (or multiple videos more likely) in the coming days, so check back shortly to see how my tournament actually happened!

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