Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chess - Ticket to Ryde Episode 6

Time for the next episode in the Ticket to Ryde series, my round 6 game against Canberra WIM Emma Guo. Yes, Emma is the older sister of Jamie-Lee, my first round opponent, but I'm not sure if family homour was on her mind when playing the game. The game itself is another Modern Defence, where I am black & I again play inaccurately in the opening & find myself in a slightly worse position. I'll let you watch the video rather than giving away the result of the game! Hope you enjoy!
I've also had a suggestion to include Pineapple in a video for future poker content, however i think this is probably unlikley. As far as I'm aware, its only played online on Ultimate Bet & although I do have an account there, I haven't played there for quite a while, nor do i really know that much about playing Pineapple (other than treating it like Limit Holdem with a bonus card pre-flop). In short, don't expect a Pineapple video, but keep the suggestions for future videos coming!

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