Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ryde Eastwood Open Day 2

Today was a good day ... not quite like Ice Cube's, but a good day nevertheless ...
2/2 in chess, including a win with the line I mentioned in yesterday's post - the 'Broken Arrow' - where I managed to win a few pawns in the opening & then exploited the superior pawn structure & pieces to win the ending. The second game was a Trompowsky, where I played an early h4 idea in the 2...d5 3.Bxf6 line & eventually used the h-pawn to create a winning attack in my opponent's time trouble.
I was fairly indifferent about the NRL Grand Final, but would have preferred to see the Warriors win ... mainly because they aren't Manly. It was looking interesting midway through the second half when the Warriors scored two tries, but unfortunately that was where their comeback ended. Being in Sydney, the chess continued through the AFL Grand Final, so I only saw the first quarter (which was very close & entertaining) & the final 10 minutes, by which time Geelong had the game wrapped up. Again, it was something I was fairly indifferent about, though I guess with Collingwood beating StKilda last year, I wasn't unhappy to see a different side win.
Anyway, tomorrow should be two tough games in the last two rounds. Hopefully they turn out well, but I'll see how they go ... and they will both finish up in a video at some stage ...

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