Thursday, 27 October 2011

Poker - Reviewing my Play Episode 4

A return to poker, albeit breifly before the weekend of chess, this time with a multi-table session of Seven Card Stud games on Pokerstars.
This time I am playing 6 tables - 2 of Stud hi, 2 of Razz & 2 of Stud hi-lo - which are either 10/20c or 25/50c, with commentary on the hands as I play them.
There are a few interesting spots which I think I will post on the Deuces Cracked forums, as well as some hands I know I played poorly, paying off when I shouldn't have been in the hand at that stage.
I would also appreciate comments about the video quality. Given that it is 6 tables, it is probably best viewed in full screen, but I am not sure if the video quality will be high enough to view properly. If need be I can re-record the video & utilise the 'pan & zoom' feature I used on my previous poker video to make the table in question more easy to view.
Of course comments about the video itself would also be appreciated, as well as any comments on the various situations I found myself in throughout.

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