Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Chess - Ticket to Ryde Episode 4

Time for Episode 4 of the Ticket to Ryde series & my round 4 game (as black) against another ACT player, Matthew Bennett (FIDE 1762, ACF 1758).
The line I played in this round, the 'Broken Arrow' (or Dzindzi-Indian, Beefeater, or whatever other name you want to give the opening) will be the subject of a future video series, so this game can be used as something of an introduction to that.

The blog also got a mention in the latest ACF Bulletin, which should, along with the mention in Shaun Press' blog, boost the reader/viewership of the blog. Hopefully this will also encourage feedback, both about the blog itself & the video content presented, whether positive or negative.
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