Sunday, 30 October 2011

Melbourne Chess Club Melbourne Cup Weekender Day 3

Lots of decisive games on the top boards today, so it seems as though the top players are either in a fighting mood, or they simply blunder at an inappropriate time!

Results are online as previously at Chesschat

Currently there are two leaders: IM George Xie & FM Bobby Cheng both on 4.5/5, followed by FM Max Illingworth, IM James Morris & IM Andrew Brown on 4/5.
Bobby & George have played each other ... and Bobby has the complication of school tomorrow, so is taking a half-point bye for the morning round ... so I'm sure there will be plenty of drama tomorrow!

Given the early start in the morning (combined with the late finish for me tonight), I'm going to skip the commentary & go straight to the games ...

Round 4 games:

Max grinds out an endgame win against Solomon!

Mirko hangs a piece against George

Bobby finishes his game against Hamish off in style

Round 5:

Bobby finds a fantastic endgame zugzwang to beat Max

Morris plays a smooth attack against Garner

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