Monday, 10 October 2011

Chess - Ticket to Ryde Episode 3

Another day, another video ... or at least that's how it seems!
Below is episode 3 of my Ticket to Ryde series, where I analyse my round 3 game against another player from the ACT, Michael Kethro (ACF 1618). The opening is one of my strange sidelines, the Alapin French & the game shows some of the attacking possibilities that this opening provides (as well as a number of inaccuracies & blunders by both players!).
Hope you enjoy the video!

Also a big thanks to Shaun Press for the mention on his ChessExpress blog. Shaun has been involved in chess in the ACT for well over a decade & was one of the presenters at the first Australian FIDE Arbiters seminar that I attended earlier this year. He definitely knows quite a lot about chess as far as off-the-board activities are concerned, and is quite a handy player himself, having represented Papua New Guinea at the last few Chess Olympiads. One thing that does separate his blog from many others is that he seems to be able to post something (mostly chess related, though occasionally not) on his blog each day ... which means that you will find his blog near the top of my Interesting Blogs list on the side of the page.
The mention on Shaun's blog might also help increase the traffic here, so that there are more than just a handful of readers!

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