Thursday, 9 January 2014

Australian Chess Championships - the finish line in sight

The Australian Chess Championship at Springvale is almost over, however picking a winner is still not easy to do! In the Championships, IMs Max Illingworth & Igor Bjelobrk lead with 6.5/9, with seven players behind them on 6/9 & a further three on 5.5/9. Obviously the final rounds are critical for the determining final placings, so expect some hard fought chess over the final two days!
The Reserves is much more clear-cut, with former Australian Champion FM Doug Hamilton dominating the field! He currently leads with 8.5/9, with Marko Grabovac (the only player to not lose to Doug) in second place on 7.5/9. There is then a further gap to three players on 6.5/9, so it is down to five, although Doug is the solid favourite, with Marko the only player able to overtake Doug, while the others can only hope for a share of first place at best.
The Challengers finished off yesterday, with Noble Park Chess Club's Calixto Dilag taking out the tournament with an impressive 7.5/9. Second place went to Zhi Lin Guo, while third was shared between Mark Stokes, Carl Loucas & Alanna Chew Lee (who was also awarded the brilliancy prize).
 Equal third place in the Challengers - Alanna Chew Lee, Carl Loucas & Mark Stokes, flanked by Noble Park Chess Club's Domagoj Dragicevic & Dusan Stojic
 Dusan Stojic presenting runner-up Zhi Lin Guo with her cheque!
Challengers winner Calixto Dilag thanking his family for his support during the tournament.

Photos courtesy of the Official Website

FIDE Official Laws of Chess

12.6 It is forbidden to distract or annoy the opponent in any manner whatsoever. This includes unreasonable claims, unreasonable offers of a draw or the introduction of a source of noise into the playing area.

Throughout the event there have been various issues raised, largely in relation to this law of chess ...
Do you do any of these in your own games??

Do you sometimes go barefoot?

Do you play with your hair?

Maybe you're one of the many foot tappers ...

Maybe you are a pen clicker ...

Do you pull faces at the board?

How would YOU deal with these issues if you were an arbiter?

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