Monday, 1 October 2012

Time for a change ... and things to look for in the future

Although I had taken a fancy to the light red background & colour scheme previously used on this blog (which had occasionally been referred to somewhat negatively as pink!), I have decided to change things up & go for a slightly different look, with a mostly purple background. Its good to see Blogspot continuing to develop new templates for bloggers to use, although the one thing I still dislike is that there is no option (that I have found) to change the page width, which is ordinarily not an issue, but becomes one with things like the Chess Victoria teams competition page, which incorporates a fairly large amount of information from Swiss Perfect. Another option could be to use different templates for different pages, although I can understand why this would not be a standard option.

Something else that I'm looking to do in the coming weeks in terms of content, is attempt a series of posts about various aspects of chess across Australia, with a particular focus on comparing the different states & how they run chess in their part of the country. From a personal perspective, the states I am most involved in are Victoria & NSW, as I have lived in both states for a number of years, as well as being involved administratively in a number of councils & committees in both states. I have also traveled to all states of Australia, although I have not quite managed to play tournament chess in all of them (I'll play a tournament in Tasmania one day), but still have some idea of how the states are organised & will try to give my view on the differences between them, as well as trying to assess their various good and not-so-good points. At present, my best idea for a name for the series is 'The State of Play' or 'The State of Chess', although I'm open to suggestions.

I'll also think about posting some more coaching-style chess and poker content ... and possibly even get around to finishing (or at least continuing) the series I started late last year on the Broken Arrow!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for content (and in particular video content), then please let me know!


  1. You can adjust the width- google it:)

  2. Thanks! The CV Teams page looks readable now!
    Why I didn't try Google seems strange though ... it seems so useful for looking up so much other stuff!

  3. hehe.. I know nothing about anything but built the club website using uncle google and auntie youtube as guides.