Friday, 12 October 2012

Thursday night at MCC

I decided to venture down to Melbourne Chess Club last Thursday night, to see what the fuss was about the 'fight club' matches being played at MCC on Thursdays. I arrived to find a group of regulars at the club playing blitz, kibitzing on games, enjoying some Turkish bread & just generally having some fun!
I arrived at the tale end of a match between Michael Baron & David Beaumont, before squaring off myself against Tom Kalisch, who I remember from trips to Melbourne in my younger days (for events like the Australian Championships at the Melbourne Town Hall in 1997/98) when I lived in Sydney. We played a match that was first to 3 & I got off to a very slow start, losing the first two games (in spite of having reasonable positions in both cases early on), before finishing strong, winning the final three games, to notionally win the match 3-2. The quality of the chess varied greatly, with some great tactics mixed in with some horrible blunders. Paul Cavezza brought along a camera & recorded some of this action, as well as some of the Baron v Beaumont shenanigans, and hopefully I'll be able to post some of this action here in the future.
The next to take to the board was Paul Cavezza & Tony Tosevski. The battery on Paul's camera died, so I decided to get my iPhone out & record a few of the games from the match, which again featured chess of varying quality, which Tony eventually won 3-1.

Here is game 3 of the Cavezza v Tosevski match ... or as it was called at the club, The Electric Eye v The Magic Flute!
After finishing the match, Paul & Tony played a few more games & this was the final game of the night ...

I might try to do something a bit different with one of these videos over the next week or so (or possibly some of the stuff Paul recorded), so that it looks a bit fancier than just a recording from a phone!

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