Monday, 22 October 2012

Melbourne Chess Club Open Round 7

The sense of deja vu from last week became a little stronger this week, with both Dusan Stojic & Guy West winning their games, to now share the lead in the tournament on 6/7, a point clear of the pack. Carl Gorka beat David Beaumont to join Ari Dale on 5/7 in the chasing pack, which has a few surprises, with Jason Chew getting an unfortunate win on forfeit against an unwell Malcolm Pyke, while Richard McCart found a swindle against Phillip Drew to join Ari & Carl on 5/7. The upset results were not restricted to the top boards, with Jim Papadinis beating Justin Penrose & Abraham Widjaja beating Roger McCart.
As usual, results are available on ChessChat.
Although it was tempting to post the Beaumont-Gorka game, which saw 20+ minutes of post-game analysis between the players, followed by 20+ minutes of analysis with Beaumont & Cavezza, followed by more analysis with Beaumont, Cavezza, anyone else who wanted to join in & Cavezza's laptop as I was leaving, I have decided to post the Richard McCart swindle. Everything is going just fine for Phillip Drew early on in this game - he plays a solid opening, gets a fine middlegame position, builds pressure on the queenside before finally winning material ... all that is left is apparently a simple matter of technique! Just when the end seemed to be in sight, McCart pulled out the interesting (if not completely sound) 42.Rxf6, which obviously shocked Phillip. After walking the king forward to g6, Phillip was faced with the tricky 45.Ne3!? & failed to find either Rc8 or c2, which Fritz saw as the only defenses, and was ultimately checkmated with a somewhat unusual placement of pieces.

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