Monday, 8 October 2012

Melbourne Chess Club Open Round 5

Round 5 saw Dusan Stojic continue in the lead, defeating Mehmedalija Dizdarevic to move to 5/5, one point clear of the chasing pack. The chasing pack is at present made up of juniors, with Ari Dale beating Carl Gorka & Jason Chew continuing his excellent start to the tournament with a 19 move win over Mirko Rujevic. Unfortunately Malcolm Pyke has fallen ill, so his game against Guy West has been postponed until later in the week & the winner of that game (if there is one) will join Ari & Jason on 4/5. Most of the lower board games went according to rating, although Richard McCart managed to beat Garry Lycett.
As usual, results are available on ChessChat.
The game of the round this week is Jason Chew's victory over IM Mirko Rujevic. In a fairly standard looking Advanced French position, Mirko decides to castle queenside & snatch black's b-pawn. Unfortunately this just opens a file in front of his king & Jason finds the knockout blow quickly!

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