Friday, 26 October 2012

MCC Fight Club

Thursday nights at MCC have officially been dubbed 'Fight Club' & have been very entertaining playing and watching blitz matches with a variety of people. This week started a little late as there was a committee meeting beforehand, however this also meant that a few people who may have otherwise not been involved in Thursday night got involved. The late start meant that there was only time for two matches, the first being myself against Anthony Hain, with a match between David Beaumont & Paul Cavezza finishing off the night. Ultimately the match with Anthony (where I had 4 minutes to Anthony's 5minutes) ended up 2.5-2.5 & it was decided that there would be a 1 minute playoff game, which I managed to win. In the other match, David overcame a 2-0 deficit to prevail over Paul 3-2.
The best place for information & videos about Thursday night is the thread on OzChess.
Other places to look for videos are my YouTube Page, as well as both the first & second pages of Paul Cavezza. The first YouTube page has clips from my match the previous week against James Morris. Paul's blog also has some interesting material on it - most often about his Monday night games at MCC, but a recent post has discussed junior chess coaching at MCC & some of the considerations that go into analyzing a game, which I found interesting.
Paul is the one with the fancy camera, so most of the vision from Thursday nights is recorded on that camera, so most of the Thursday night videos appear on Paul's YouTube page, and almost always appear in the OzChess thread shortly afterwards. The memory card on the camera was full, so my iPhone became the camera for the third game in the match between myself & 'Scrappy', which you can see here

I also hope to have the fancied up version of the Cavezza - Tosevski match from a few weeks ago uploaded sometime in the next week, but I've just had very little time in recent weeks to begin turning the ideas into digital reality.

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  1. brilliant commentary- slips in and out of gibberish stories seamlessly