Saturday, 30 March 2013

Doeberl Cup - the non-chess part 1

This year I am once again part of the arbiting team at the Doeberl Cup (along with Shaun Press, Charles Zworestine & Lee Forace) & given that the chess content is fairly well-coveted elsewhere on the web, I thought I'd take a look at the other side of things in this blog.
After Friday's events, I have decided to create an Idiot of the Day award, for the silliest thing in the tournament for the day.
Friday had a clear winner, with Anthony Hain deciding (apparently after a dare) to come in a costume of sorts for his round 2 game. Although this might be perfectly fine in a fun or non-rated event, I thought it was totally inappropriate for a prestigious event like the Doeberl Cup!
Saturday's award went to Alana Chibnall, who was playing white against Mark Vucak on board 5. After walking away from the board after making a move, she returned to sit opposite Ilija Ilic who was playing on board 3! To make matters worse, it took Alana close to a minute to realise that she was at the wrong board & spent some time trying to figure out how the position she had left had changed so much after her short stroll around the playing hall! Once she noticed the differences, both in her opponent & the position she was sitting in front of, she sheepishly got out of her seat & returned to board 5! Although Mark @ Ilija both wear glasses & have greyish hair, that is about the extent of the similarities between the two, so well done Alana for winning the award! Incidentally she did go on to beat Mark in the game & now finds herself playing against Ilija on board 1 on the stage!
Close runners up were Anthony Hain, who once again wore his outfit from Friday, but this time did do during the evening blitz tournament & Jose Escribano, who not only left his mobile phone in his pocket (there are rules for players where they are not allowed to have a phone on their person during a game & many leave their phones at the results table), but he left it switched on, so when someone from his local church rang him to wish him a happy Easter & good luck in his chess, his game was brought to an abrupt halt!

At present I'm posting this from my phone (using the Blogger App) as I have been having some computer issues, but hope to update this post (or add another one) with photos in the near future.

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