Saturday, 23 March 2013

Box Hill Autumn Cup - Round 7

Round 7 finished with a whimper for me rather than a bang ... I played a horrible game against Eugene Schon (ACF 2234; FIDE 2169), getting a passive position where I had no obvious plan & simply allowed Eugene to outplay me without much of a fight. My opening choice was bad - although there's some theory in the c3 Sicilian, the positions are fairly straightforward & do not need the amount of theoretical knowledge that a Dragon or Najdorf might require. Of course by avoiding the main lines with an early d4, I found myself in a passive position with pieces that were practically useless. It didn't help that I didn't consider a number of moves that Eugene made, meaning I wasn't really at my best. Anyway, Eugene played well in the game & deserved the win. The final cross table is something of a description of how players fared against me - those that beat me (Hacche & Schon) finished =1st, those that were higher rated than me & lost to me (Li & Zelesco) finished =3rd, while those lower rated than me that I beat (Lin, Ni & Foo) finished below me.
As far as my next tournament is concerned, I'm not sure what I'll be playing, although I will definitely be playing in the Billanook Classic, although that is an allegro series rather than 'classic' time limit games. Perhaps the Victorian Open or something like that, but I suppose I'll decide closer to the event.

Results are available on ChessChat.
Final Cross Table is also there.

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