Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sydney International Open Day 4

Something of a familiar tale again today ... a horrible game in the morning, this time against Jason Hu, where I decided to challenge the centre in an English while my king was still in the centre ... and my king didn't survive! The afternoon round against New Zealander Gavin Marner looked to be going the same way when I managed to totally butcher the opening, blundering on move 7 & allowing Ng4, which totally ruined my position. I decided to give up two pawns to try & salvage the position, and create some sort of counterplay ... and I managed to get something going with the semi-open h-file (the h2 pawn was one of the pawns I 'blunder-ficed' in the opening) & managed to find a nice combination to finish the game off ... see if you can spot it from the diagram:

Once again I have a tough morning pairing for the last round - this time its black against Italian FM Patrick Scharrer. Hopefully I can change the pattern of the previous days & come away with something other than a loss! I've only played Patrick in an allegro tournament & we drew that game, so hopefully that would be something like the result tomorrow!
At the pointy end of the tournament, GMs Czebe & Vajda are leading on 6.5/8, with five players half a point behind on 6/8, including Australians IM Stephen Solomon & FM Bobby Cheng.

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