Saturday, 21 April 2012

MCC ANZAC Day Weekender - Day 1

Day 1 of the ANZAC Day weekender at Melbourne Chess Club saw 32 players ready to play. International Master James Morris was the top seed, with 5 other players rated over 2000 FIDE, making for a fairly strong tournament.
Round 1 results went mostly according to rating, however Will Bakanursky managed to beat Jack Hughes, while Luis Chan held Gary Bekker to a draw. Round 2 saw the top board results once again go according to rating, however further down the field there were a few upsets. Max Chew Lee & Ari Dale played a surprisingly quick draw, while unrated Marko Grabovac beat Will Bakanursky. Tanya Krstevska managed to hold Ben Frayle to a draw, while her son Tristan Krsevski also drew his game against Alanna Chew Lee.
Round 3 sees the top seeds paired against one another, so I would expect the tournament to be sorted out at the top in the next few rounds, with some hard fought encounters ahead.
As usual, results & pairings are available on Chesschat.

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