Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sydney International Open Day 2

Today was a very long day & I had two long games. The first of these was against FM Tomek Rej, and although I played well, and achieved what should have been a winning knights v bishops ending, I was unable to score the point. I found a way to manouvre my knights into doing nothing (rather than tying down his bishops to defending his weak pawns), which allowed Tomek to activate his bishops, create a passed pawn & ultimately find a nice tactic (Bxc3) which effectively ended the game.

The second game of the day was against Roland Brockman & we played a very unusual looking game, where I managed to overcome an early disadvantage & found some play on the kingside. Although I ended up winning the game, I was disappointed not to have found a quicker way to finish off the position, although it was nice to find the tricky Bc5 on more than one occasion during the game!

Unfortunately with both these games being very long, I didn't manage to make it to Ian Rogers' commentary today, which I found entertaining on day 1. Hopefully I'll get a chance to spend some time there after my games today ... but of course hopefully after winning my games first! I start with the tough assignment of playing New Zealander Luke Li, who drew with IM George Xie in an earlier round. Lets hope today is at least as productive, if not more so, than yesterday's results.

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