Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Australian Reserves Day 7

Its official ... as a chess player, I make a reasonable arbiter!
If you thought my chess could get no worse than yesterday's effort, then I now have Exhibit B for the prosecution ... my game against Vineetha Wijesuriya. although I got a reasonable, although slightly passive position out of the opening, I made a few inaccuracies (such as 9...cxd5 rather than exd5) & then played the shocking 11...h6, as I thought the line 11...Ne7 12.Bg5 0-0 was somehow horrible for me, when its simply OK for me (with the slight inconvenience of the Bd7 looking ugly, at least in the short term). Of course Vineetha found the tactic 12.Nxd5 & I'm practically busted, especially after I compounded my error by playing 12...Bc6 (yes, I do remember thinking at the time 'its pinned, I might be able to win it back', without ever considering Nf6+, which goes to show just how badly I'm thinking/playing at the moment), which managed to give up the bishop pair as well as the d-file, so that I had not only a material defecit, but also some horribly placed pieces, which meant that generating counterplay was almost impossible. I played on until almost move 60 out of sheer embarassment that I could play so bad ...
Perhaps 2012 is the year I should be focussing on being an arbiter & working towards the FA (and possibly IA) titles ...

If any of my future opponents are reading this blog, then hopefully they can expect Stead circa 2000 (when my hack-like opening repertoire was at its 'peak') to turn up at the board ... Elephant Gambit anyone??

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