Monday, 2 January 2012

Australian Reserves Day 6

I think my chances of winning the event are now gone after today's game ... a horrible loss with white against David Spuler. Once again I managed to butcher my position early on, going astray from around move 12, & I found a way to make my position get worse quickly!
Although I'm reasonably familiar with the Trompowsky & the positions that arise from it, I rarely play against players who combine the d5/exf6 system with Bf5, as the more usual plan in that position is to put the bishop on e6 & play f5, looking to play f4 at the right time to remove the doubled pawns & distrupt white's centre. It makes much more sense to keep the centre closed after black's c5, even at the cost of making my white-squared bishop somewhat 'bad', as closing the centre stiffles black's bishop pair significantly.
as the game went, I allowed black's rooks to get active early & found a way to get my c3 knight pinned ... & it quickly disappeared from the game & with it my chances of winning. I played on in an attempt to try to generate some vague counterplay, but could get nothing in the position & lost without much of a fight.

If this keeps up, I might just have to go into super-hack mode, with the plan to get the game over one way or the other by move 25!

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