Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Deuces Cracked 50,000 hand challenge

Enough of the chess stuff!

Its that time of year, when the (now annual) Deuces Cracked 50k hands challenge is on! I attempted this last year & managed about 35,000 hands before going 'busto' (you started the challenge with $100), largely playing limit holdem, with the occasional session of no limit thrown in.

This year the challenge is largely the same, although rather than being a total bankroll, the $100 is now a 'stop-loss' figure, meaning you can play whatever tables you want, but as soon as you lose $100, you are out. Of course I'm being the odd one out this year, as I'm planning to make my 50,000 hands up by playing various forms of Seven Card Stud.

Hopefully I'll be able to record some of the sessions I play and upload them to YouTube, simalar to a previous session I posted on here. I doubt I'll win the most money in the challenge, however it will be good to try to get through that amount of hands, and hopefully at the same time improve my game!
I was also asked a question recently about the previous Stud multitabling video, in terms of how I managed to keep track of all the dead cards, different games, etc when playing. I have to admit that I don't keep a full eye on everything that is going on at all tables, however when I have a playable hand, I try to take note of the relevant door cards (so if I have [9h8h]Th in Stud high, I am most interested in the cards 6 through Queen, as well as any hearts that are out & I will try to remember them. If an opponent folds the 4d, its not going to make much difference to my hand, so keeping an accurate mental note of it is less important), but realise that I can not keep track of ALL the information at the table all of the time. Another thing to keep in mind is that I am playing relatively low stakes ($1/2 or lower & typically 25/50c or 50c/$1), so the quality of play is generally not of the level that you need to be paying attention to that sort of stuff in minute detail.

I'll try to post updates of my progress (or otherwise) here, though you can also keep a track of the challenge itself on the Deuces Cracked thread.

As for the 'enough of the chess stuff', I do still have at least one more episode of the Ticket to Ryde series to complete, as well as making a start on the 'Broken Arrow' theory series, so there will definitely be more chess content to come in the not-too-distant future.

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