Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Chess - Ticket to Ryde episode 7

Its FINALLY time for the last episode of the Ticket to Ryde series! This is my round 7 game (as white)against NSW Junior Peng Yu Chen (2156 ACF; 2094 FIDE). This time what starts out as another Trompowsky turns into an unusual Modern Benoni-like position ... yes, transpositions are something I seem to do quite a bit!
Hopefully you enjoy the video!

The final crosstable is available on ChessChat, where you can see that I finished in a nine-way tie for 7th, which meant I left with the massive prize of $15 for the tournament!

As far as future videos are concerned, the next series I plan to record is going to be somewhat theoretical, looking at the 'Broken Arrow'/Dzindzi-Indian opening, which is something I play as black when the opportunity presents itself.
I'm also running the MCC Allegro Championships this weekend, as well as the Victorian Blitz Championships a few weeks after that, so expect to see coverage of that, in one form or another, here.
I'll also try to do another video or two in relation to the Deuces Cracked 50k hands challenge, so you can expect a few more of the multi-table Seven Card Stud videos in the not-too-distant future.
As far as my recent chess is concerned, I finished on 5/9 in the City of Melbourne Open at MCC, losing to Marcus Ogden, David Beaumont & James Morris, holding Malcolm Pyke to a draw & beating James Martin, Zachary Loh, Michael Addamo & Gary Bekker (I also took a half-point bye in one round), which was a reasonable, although slightly below my expected result.
If you have any other suggestions for content, whether it is chess, poker or something else, please feel free to let me know melbournegamescoach@hotmail.com

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