Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday Poker - Reviewing My Play

So its a day late, but I did record this on Wednesday ... an 8 game session on PokerStars playing 50c/$1 for limit games & 10/25c for big bet games. The session itself went for around 40-45 minute, which was long enough to get through one complete rotation of the games.
I feel I played OK, although I still have difficulties in some games with blind defense & perhaps play a bit too tight in the big bet games. Also excuse the voice & occasional sneezing in the video - I'm not exactly 100% healthy at the moment. Also on this occasion I've recorded the session & added comments afterwards. This is something that I may continue to do, or I may mix it up with some 'live' commentary if doing these sort of videos in the future.

Your thoughts & comments are welcome, so feel free to add them either in the comments section, or on my YouTube page itself.

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