Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday - Chess - Amateur Game of the Week

Although its a little late, Monday's video is finally online, however it is in three parts because it went for a little longer than I'd planned.
The game itself is between William Naff & Kyle Mayhugh from this year's David Mote Memorial tournament in Illinois. Kyle is a regular poster on the 2+2 chess forum (yes, its a poker forum, but there is a chess sub-forum) & the game was discussed between forum members, so it seemed like a good game to use for the first episode of Amateur Game of the Week. It starts out as a fairly tame exchange Ruy Lopez, but Kyle decides to sacrifice a piece for a kingside attack & suddenly the game is anything but tame!
Anyway, on to the videos:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Hope you find them instructive and somewhat entertaining!

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  1. These videos are really interesting. The Variations you are covering are good and thorough. I am only rated 1260 and find a lot of people's videos go over my head especially when it comes to piece placement in the middle game. Your explanations and choice of alternate lines are comprehensive for me. I think the balance between showing lines based on piece placement and just describing the simpler tactics is good. Anyway I hope that makes sense and I am keen to see more of these.

    By the way I found this blog via chess express.