Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Video Schedule

So I've devised an optimistic schedule for videos that I plan to create (with the caveat that I won't be making videos on days where I am working or have something like a chess tournament on) ... I'll see if I can stick to the schedule.
The plan is to put them on my YouTube site & embed them here ... with the aim of both increasing the audience, as well as providing some entertaining & educational material.

Anyway ... below is the Video Schedule

Monday - Chess - Amateur Game of the Week
This is where I plan to look at games of other people & post some sort of analysis of the game. Yes, this means that you can submit a game that you would like analysed to melbournegamescoach@hotmail.com The other option for finding games to analyse will be from places such as forums at chesschat.org, twoplustwo.com, ozchess.com.au & the like.

Tuesday - Chess - My Game of the Week
This is where I plan to look at one (or more) of my own games. Most likley it will be from a recently played event, such as the regular Monday night events at Melborune Chess Club, but might also include games from weekend events & the like, as well as the occasional 'blast from the past' game.

Wednesday - Poker - Reviewing My Play
This is where I will be looking at different aspects of my own poker play. This could be one of a number of formats, including a live play session, a review of a session, a hand history review, or some other format that I might come up with.

Thursday - Chess - Openings & Endgames
This will be a more theoretical look at different openings & endgames. At times it might also coincide with material presented at the MCC Opening/Endgame group run by Carl Gorka, possibly continuing or expanding on what was discussed on Wednesday night at the group, although it will not necessarily always follow this format.

Friday - Chess/Poker - Reviewing the Pros
This will be a review of chess games or poker hands from professionals, ideally rotating between chess and poker on a weekly basis. The plan is to look at poker hands from TV, from events like the World Series of Poker, Poker After Dark, the PokerStars Big Game & the like, or for the chess weeks to look at master games from recent tournaments, or some of my favourite master games played over the years.

Weekends - Other Games - Games Potpourri
This will be a look at games other than chess and poker & will range from 'how to' guides to strategy tips and the like. Games that will likely be part of this series will include Settlers of Catan, Sudoku, Tertis & Snow Bros, amongst others.

Of course being a Wednesday, I'm aiming to post a poker-related video sometime later today ... so hopefully you'll get a two-post day ... if things go to plan!

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