Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday - Chess - Reviewing the Pros

So its Friday ... and its time for a video looking at how the pro's do their thing. This time to kick off the series, I take a look at a game by my favourite player, Swedish Grandmaster Jonny Hector. The game in question is from the 2011 Swedish Championship against GM Emanuel Berg, where Hector plays a crushing opening novelty to steamroll his fellow GM. Hopefully you find my analysis an entertaining, if not educational addition to a fascinating game.
In somewhat related news, I'm also looking to put together a short intro (or perhaps series of intros) to the videos, both to identify them as 'Melbourne Games Coach' videos, as well as to try to develop some sort of design style and image in terms of the videos. I have some of my own ideas & I might try to get these together at some time in the near future if at all possible, but I'm more than happy to look at ideas & submissions from readers/viewers.
So ... if you want to try to put together a brief intro that could be used at the start of some of these videos (either a general intro, or an intro for a specific series), you can either post it on YouTube, or email me at keeping in mind that ideally I'd like something in the 20-60 second range.

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