Sunday, 3 November 2013

Melbourne Cup Weekender - Day 3

Round 4 of the Melbourne Cup Weekender at the Melbourne Chess Club saw an outright leader emerge for the first time in the event. James Morris won his game against Ari Dale to move to 4/4, while his nearest rivals dropped points through draws or losses. Bill Jordan & Igor Goldenberg drew to move to 3.5/4, while Luke Li, Karl Zelesco & Zachary Loh also won to join them in a tie for second place with 3.5/4.
As with other rounds, round 4 also saw its share of upsets, with Rowan Willathgamuwa beating Mehmedalija Dizdarevic & Geoffrey Hilliard beating Jason Chew. There were also lots of draws, with Goran Ilic drawing with Bill Kerr, Gary Lin drawing with Andrew Footner, Ray Yang drawing with Michael Addamo, Bobby Yu drawing with Savithri Narenthran, Jaiwant Singh drawing with Shane Lawson & Kayson Wang drawing with Samuel Trewin.

Top board clash between James Morris & Ari Dale

A nice win by Karl Zelesco against George Lester

Round 5 saw James Morris retain his perfect record with a win over Igor Goldenberg, while Bill Jordan & Luke Li also won their games to remain half a point behind James in second place.
Upset wins this round were recorded by Jack Puccini over Ari Dale, Christopher Lim over Shane Lawson, Jaiwant Singh over Regan Crowley & Kayson Wang over Vladimir Zacharczenko. A number of players also drew against higher rated opponents, including Gary Bekker against George Lester, Rowan Willathgamuwa against Tom Kalisch, John Wildes against Michael Addamo, Paul Cavezza against Marcel Rothlisberger, Calvin Bennett against Anthony Hain, Gary Lin against Kevin Willathgamuwa & Dai Cheng against John Beckman.
3/5 is the current leading score for the rating divisions, with Tom Kalisch, Eamonn O'Molloy, Max Chew Lee, Gary Bekker & Surjeet Singh leading the under 1950 division on 3/5, while Rowan Willathgamuwa & Goran Ilic lead the U1700 division, also on 3/5.

James Morris retains his perfect score with a nice win over Igor Goldenberg

A nice attacking game by Dusan Stojic against Cloin Cloudsdale

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