Friday, 26 April 2013

MCC ANZAC Day Weekender Day 2

Day 2 of the ANZAC Day weekender was a Friday night round, which saw a number of players taking byes due to playing in the Box Hill Chess Club Championships, or having work commitments. The thirty players who played the round had some interesting games, with the board 1 clash between MCC regular Malcolm Pyke & GM Zong Yuan Zhao attracting quite a bit of attention. Malcolm managed to exchange queens & win a pawn in the early middle game & appeared to have an edge. Zhao responded by playing actively, ultimately winning back his pawn tactically before winning another pawn to head into an advantageous endgame, which he was able to convert to a win. Zhao was in fact the only player to remain on a perfect score after the round, it others on 2/2 either drawing, losing, or taking byes. Gary Bekker beat Finley Dale in an exciting game that also attracted a crowd, particularly in the post-game analysis, where various players tried to improve on the game continuation. Richard Voon & Tristan Krstevski managed to defeat higher rated opponents to join the large contingent of players on 2/3. The morning round sees the promising juniors facing tough tests, with Karl Zelesco facing Zong Yuan Zhao, while Luis Chan faces Pano Skiotis & Kris Chan battles Jack Puccini in an all-junior clash!

DGT coverage of the top board is available on Guy West's Ozmium website.
Results & Pairings are available on ChessChat.

Below is the exciting top board clash from round 3, which saw Malcolm Pyke achieve an early advantage, but Zong Yuan Zhao fought on & played actively before Pyke's defenses cracked!

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