Monday, 29 April 2013

City of Melbourne Open - Round 1

The City of Melbourne Open began last night at Melbourne Chess Club. The field on the night was a rather small one of 20 players, with a few others unable to play on the first night (and being awarded half point byes as a result). Players are still able to join the tournament, so if anyone missed round 1 & would like to play, they can still join the tournament up until round 3.
The tournament itself has a field that is fairly typical for MCC events, with a few players above 2000 (headed in this case by IM Mirko Rujevic), with the bulk of the field in the 2000-1600 range. This meant that a number of games were highly competitive (often unusual in Swiss events) & there were a few upset results. Gary Bekker beat David Hacche after David misplayed the middlegame, before finally missing a tactic in the endgame, while Roger McCart achieved an overwhelming position against Garry Lycett, but teetered on the bring of flagfall for a number of moves before it was finally Garry who lost on time when trying to defend the difficult position he was faced with. Finley Dale & Jason Chew also held their higher rated opponents, George Hua & David Lacey respectively, to draws.

Results are available on ChessChat. Pairings will also be posted on ChessChat on Thursdays.

Below is the board 3 clash between Gary Bekker & David Hacche, which sees David go astray in the middle game before missing a final tactic in the end game, allowing Gary to take the victory.

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