Sunday, 5 April 2015

Doeberl Cup Day 4

In the morning round I was paired against Victor Braguine & once again I found myself in an original position fairly early which saw the centre blocked. Ultimately I had a pawn break with g4 which could not be stopped & this was the start of a kingside attack & pressure that I was able to keep up for the entire game. Victor's counter-attack never really got going & although I don't think I played the attack accurately, it was a winning attack & I eventually finished the game off.

In the afternoon round I played Jonas Muller & he played the Euwe variation against my Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. He played an early c5, which is one of the most challenging lines & achieved a promising position. I realised that if I simply allowed Jonas to consolidate his development he would win the game easily, so I played some speculative moves on the kingside, finally sacrificing a knight to open up Jonas' king. The sacrifice was unsound, but luckily for me, Jonas went astray in his defensive efforts & allowed me to win back my sacrificed piece, finally going into an equal queen ending with three pawns each, where we agreed to a draw. Ultimately a stolen half-point, so I suppose I'll take it!

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