Saturday, 4 April 2015

Doeberl Cup Day 3

In the morning round I was against Miodrag Milojevic, however he must have got his round times mixed up & didn't turn up for the game, meaning I had a win on forfeit. This left me with a very long time to 'kill', so I decided to be a tourist for the morning & visited the National Museum of Australia, which was just down the road from the playing venue. I'll update later with some photos.

The afternoon round saw me paired against Barak Atzmon-Simon & played a highly original game after playing a Sniper as black. Barak had me on the back foot for most of the game & I only seemed to have a chance to hold the game in the rook endgame. I'm not sure if I played it accurately or not, but I always seemed to be one move behind the position I needed to hold a draw & Barak was eventually able to convert the position into a win.

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