Friday, 3 April 2015

Doeberl Cup Day 2

So I made it on the scoreboard today, however it was not in the most convincing fashion & I now find myself on 1/4 after two draws.

In round 3 I was white against Michael D'Arcy & he played the Lemberger Counter Gambit (3... e5) against my Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. This is the most challenging continuation & gave black an edge out of the opening, although he let it slip with Qe7 & c5, which game me a small plus. A number of exchanges happened & I won a pawn, but rather than risk complications in a rook & bishop endgame, I decided to go into the opposite coloured bishop endgame, which in spite of my efforts, was simply drawn.

In round 4 I was paired against Nicholas Deen-Cowell & avoided going into the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit proper & managed to get a position akin to an Advance French, where I was able to exchange the dark squared bishops, which should have given me a slight positional edge. Although Nicholas tried to get some play on the queenside, it should not have amounted to anything much, but I was unable to find something on the other side that was effective. Eventually some exchanges occurred on the queenside & I blundered, allowing black an advantage, although thankfully for me after Rb8 (rather than the immediate Bxb1) I would have been in serious trouble. As it happened, I found myself in an endgame with two knights against a rook & bishop, with an extra pawn to somewhat compensate for the disadvantage. This soon turned into a rook v knight endgame & I was able to hold the position & eventually exchange most of the pawns before we agreed a draw.

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