Saturday, 15 December 2012

When you are too busy to blog ...

This past week has been fairly hectic for me, so I haven't had a chance to update the blog as much as I would have liked. Earlier in the week my flatmate was in hospital for an operation, so I spent a bit of time visiting & making sure the house stayed in one piece while I had it to myself for a while, as well as being the general helper with getting things around the place.
Chess-wise I've experienced the first Chess Victoria executive meeting that had to be adjourned because it was going for too long! So the meeting was reconvened later the following week to finish it off ... and the second part of the meeting still went for around 3 hours!
In addition to that, I've been editing the bulletins for the Australasian Masters which is nearing completion at Box Hill Chess Club (today is the last round). I've also been arbiter for the MCC Christmas Swiss, which also finishes today. I've also had a few schools to coach at during the week, with the upshot of it being that I haven't really had a spare 20 minutes or so to post something useful here (and I'm only doing this while I wait for the last few games to finish in the round at MCC!).
I'll attempt to update the events individually tonight, although after the tournament finishes at MCC I have to take GM Zong-Yuan Zhao to the airport, as well as get some things ready for Monday, so will see how I go with getting things done ... HOPEFULLY I have time!

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