Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fantasy Olympiad Update

It looks like my Fantasy Olympiad team has hit the proverbial wall, and after a strong start, where I was in the top 10 after round 5, I have now slipped to =51st place and am now 21 points behind the leader. Since round 6, my highest score has been 20 (in last night's round 9) & this has seen the slide down the table occur. My main issues seem to be with my lower Open boards, with Grischuk, Volokytin & Stellwagen losing or sitting out a number of games in recent rounds. Batsiashvili's drawing or non-playing on my Women's board 5 also has not helped. There are a few other entries from Australia & it looks like I'm leading that group, but slipping from the top 10 overall is not exactly coming home with a wet sail! 
As something of a consolation, I'm in the Best Team Name competition, with my entry FA Chance of Winning (yes, perhaps a poor chess pun, but I'm hoping to have my FA title approved during the Congress, so there is SOME logic - if you can call it that - to the name). The winner of the Best Name poll wins a fancy chess set, so feel free to go & vote & get my off the bottom end of the standings. My personal favourite out of the ten names, is e2, Brute ... but they don't get my vote on principle! 

So what are you waiting for?? Go & VOTE!

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