Thursday, 2 February 2012

Australian Open ideas

You may have noticed a new tab at the top of the page on this blog ... if not look just above what you are reading now & you should see a tab marked 'Australian Open ideas'. This is my latest vent/rant about the Australian Open & how it has been underutilised in recent years, as well as a number of ideas to improve the event in the future. Yes, its been something of an issue for me for a while, but the internet is the perfect place to put these ideas 'out there' for people to see. I've also added an Australian Open images page, to put some visuals to the ideas suggested in the main article.
Before you go looking elsewhere on the web, thinking 'oh, another person who wants to change things, but doesn't want to do anything to make it happen', I'm more than happy to put my hand up to help organise such an event in a city like Melbourne or Sydney, but I'd want at least 12 months to organise the venue, find players & properly advertise the event, both to players here & overseas, as well as to potential sponsors. In short, this means that the earliest such an event could happen is 2015 ... but it CAN HAPPEN!
You only need to look at the websites for the various tournaments to see that the recent Geelong Australian Championship, or Sydney Australian Open to see that it has nothing on a world class event like the Gibraltar Chess Festival. My dream is to one day make an event of the quality & stature of Gibraltar a possibility in Australia ... one day!

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