Monday, 27 February 2012

Melbourne Chess Club Championship Round 4

This round saw the start of the 'real' tournament, with competitive games across the entire field, with the first games not finishing until just before 9pm, over an hour and a half after the start of play! In spite of this added competitiveness, there were still a few upsets this round, with wins by Ari Dale, Garry Lycett, Brad Ashlock, John Beckman & Oscar Oearce over their higher rated opponents.
On the top boards Wallis went astray in time trouble against Stojic, while Rujevic ground out a win against Beaumont. The fantastic start by Anthony Harris slowed by Carl Gorka, while Guy West played a miniature upon his return to the back room & the top 6 boards. There are now three players leading the tournament on 4/4 - FM Dusan Stojic, IM Mirko Rujevic & Carl Gorka. They are a full point clear of the chasing pack on 3/4, which includes IM Guy West & FM Chris Wallis amongst others.
Results are on chesschat as usual, although there are two games to be played on Wednesday.
The game this week is the top board clash between FMs Chris Wallis & Dusan Stojic. Chris seemed to get a slight edge out of the opening, but found himself in time trouble & his edge slowly disappeared until Dusan won a pawn on move 29 & his d-pawn decided the game shortly afterwards.

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