Friday, 30 December 2011

Australian Reserves Day 4

Today I had a win against ACT junior Joshua Bishop, to put me on 3/4. Joshua played an unusual line of the Trompowsky (allowing 10.Qxb7), which should have been enough to chalk up an early win, but I didn't follow up with 11.Bxc7 & 12.Ba6, which would have won the exchange with a strong position. I overestimated the strength of my passed a-pawn & underestimated the strength of Joshua's counterplay, and particularly the strength of his active king in the middlegame, and only won thanks to Joshua's blunder which allowed me to win a piece & shortly afterwards the game:

Tomorrow I finally have black against a non-junior, Alistair Anderson, however I was next to his round 3 game where he demolished John Dowling, who has a similar opening repetoire to mine.
In the top board clash, Ian Rout emerged victorious in a tactical battle with Tony Davis to take the outright lead on 4/4, which the cream is rising to the top in the Championship, with Zhao & Xie the equal leaders on 3.5/4, with their top board clash being very significant in determining the final standings of the tournament.

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