Thursday, 29 December 2011

Australian Reserves Day 3

Today I managed to butcher the opening & was lucky to snatch a draw from improving junior Max Chew Lee. This time my Modern Defense transposed into an Accelerated Dragon & I played d5 before playing 0-0 & got myself into trouble. I finished up in an ending with a rook against Max's two bishops & an inaccuracy by Max in the ending (47.e5?) allowed me to snatch a perpetual check.

Today I get white against Joshua Bishop, so it looks like my tournament might turn into the battle against the juniors, with another game against a junior!
In terms of the tournament itself, only Tony Davis & Ian Rout are on 3/3 & they face each other in round 4, with the winner (if there is one) taking the outright lead.
In the Championships, there are 5 leaders on 2.5/3, including GM Zhao & many of the IMs in the field.

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