Monday, 27 August 2012

Malitis Memorial Round 7

The final round of the Malitis Memorial saw Sylvester Urban take out the event after being on the right side of an opening disaster against Richard Voon. The battle for the minor placings saw a three-way tie for second between Garry Lycett, David Lacey & Justin Penrose after Lacey beat Lycett on the white side of an Exchange Queen's Gambit, while Penrose beat Richard McCart on the black side on an Alekhine's Defense. McCart was far enough in front that his 4/7 was enough to take the rating group prize.
As usual, results and final crosstable are available on ChessChat.
The next event at MCC is the Melbourne Chess Club Open, which starts in a fortnight (September 10) & is a 9 round swiss event.
The game of the round is a short one between Sylvester Urban & Richard Voon. You'll see what I mean by an opening disaster!

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